Nature's Valley Invitational


Remember when we called our two day stunt (August 9 and 10, 2014) from Snoqualmie to Steven’s Pass the Nature’s Valley Invitational? (Yeah I’m speaking to you shit bird) Because that’s all we had to eat!

What is the Nature’s Valley Invitational?

It is an unofficial, unsupported, undocumented backpacking challenge that begins at Snoqualmie Pass and ends at Steven’s Pass along the Pacific Crest Trail.

How many miles?


What is the time limit?

48 hours

Total Elevation Gain?

19,000 ft

Who can enter?


What are the rules?

No slack packing

You can only eat Nature’s Valley bars, the ones in the green wrapper that are real dry and stick to the roof of your mouth

Sleep is optional

The cat walk, north of Snoqualmie Pass meow


15 thoughts on “Nature's Valley Invitational

  1. lulz, those must be the most ubiquitous granola bar on the planet. i eat em at work all the time so crumbs are in the keys of my keyboard. worst thing about them is it doesn’t matter how many you eat you’ll still be hangry. doing 19K’ elevation on natures valley is committed.
    digging the stories, thanks for keeping it real!


  2. Hey Chance……..Congrats on your L2H hike!………’s an awesome route full of incredible contrasts, and it’s cool to see folks such as yourself, Carrot and Orbit making the trek down to Badwater to give it a go……….love the fact that you hitched there and back…………All the best for future adventures………….Swami


    1. SWAMI!!! Well, the three of you inspired us! What an adventure. I need more hikes like that in my life. In 2012, I first heard about you. I was on the PCT that year too. I saw in a log book somewhere in Oregon that Insane Duane was trying to catch you. I’ll never forget that guy, what a charmer. Anyway, I wanna be like you! Hope to meet you someday 🙂 -Chance


      1. Thanks for the kind words! I’m sure we’ll run into each other one of these days. In regards to Duane…….Jeeesssuuusss……….he certainly was one of the most colorful characters I encountered during the 12 Long Walks…………I’ve never had anyone stalk me for 1500 miles before!! It still makes me laugh when I think of that guy. It was great to finish the PCT with him!

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  3. Chance, love your sardonic wit. Also love the package redesign you created that can only be described as a brilliant twist on the ‘truth in advertising’ law. Used to eat these at work when I’d walk in the wetlands during break. Felt reassured I’d never get lost since I could follow the crumb trail back to civilization.

    I think the bars of that brand have to be crumbly cuz I get almost the same thing with the nut bars (only the good bits escape before I can eat them!) and the sweet and salty ones stick to one’s clothes once exposed to body heat or the sun. That crap doesn’t brush off, and then it sticks to your fingers as well.

    On a different note, I have a vintage pair of Ray Ban Ritual sunglasses that I have no idea how I got. I could never wear them cuz I wear prescription eye wear. They’re in good shape. You can have them if you want them. Let me know. Meanwhile, I look forward to your next post.


    1. Hey TwoTails,

      Now that we’re talking about these bars, I kind of want one. I think I like the sweet and salty ones the best. I got stuck with the crumbly kind because I resupplied out of a hiker box at Snoqualmie Pass.

      I don’t have any nice sunglasses…I always seem to end up with the gas station variety. haha
      Thanks for the offer! You can email me: and we can work something out?

      Trying to write the next post while working. It’s been hard writing lately, I’ve been working like 12 hour days.
      Thanks for following! -Chance


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