Where would you trip?

Day 15 May 9
Cleghorn Picnic Area to Dirt Road
29 miles

After a shit-tastic breakfast and lunch at McDonalds, me, Guthrie, and High Tech smashed up relentless chaparral choked switchbacks. It was a mean struggle between my gut and the climb.

By mile 29 I’d had enough, so we set up camp on some obscure dirt road. But apparently it was the fucking Casbah, everyone we’d picked off turned in for the night there. There was Tic Toc, Tuck, and Twig. Lead Dog, Leap Frog, and Coughie. And then some.

Hiker midnight struck (8 pm) and we were all tucked in when a car rolled up. “Anyone want a beer?” a male voice called out. No one moved. “We’re sleeping!”

I sat up ready to pounce. “Fuckin squares,” I thought.

“I hiked in 2008. I’m just coming up to bring some trail magic.”

“What’s your name?” I yelled.


I bolted from my sleeping bag. I know Arno because he hiked with Croatian in 2008 and drove us around Tahoe in 2010.

He was accompanied by his girlfriend Lily, a cute and quirky painter from San Francisco with an ephemeral glow. They handed me an IPA and asked if I wanted LSD. I declined on the LSD. Having never taken it, I didn’t want to become the girl who sees evil clowns with pick axes on some obscure road on some obscure mountain while people were trying to sleep.

In hindsight, I regret not packing some for a later time.



2 thoughts on “Where would you trip?

  1. just read this post, Not a Chance! you let me know if you want me to mail you some stuff if you want to hallucinate evil clowns. never too late for trail magic. hope to see you again soon. you are such an inspiration! such a great writer and badass hiker. xoxo, Lily


    1. Me inspirational?! Coming from one of the coolest ladies I’ve ever met! I don’t know what to say. You just painted beautiful things in Antarctica on a submarine right?! You are badass! Hope we cross paths again someday.


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