The Cheryl Strayeds

Day 17 May 11
Hwy 2 to Buckhorn Campground
25 miles

Thank gawd it’s cold and windy because I’m hungover.

It’s so cold that I wear my down jacket most of the day. It’s so windy most forgo the climb to the top of Baden Powell; a mountain which stands 9,000 feet tall. Mac, Guthrie, and I brave the elements but we don’t last long on top.

I hike alone to Little Jimmy Spring and reminisce about Wrightwood. I met a hiker there named Tuck who was hiking because she read Wild. They exist. They are thru-hiking.

Tuck is a cute freckle faced girl from Kentucky. She hangs out with Tic Toc, an Amy Winehouse lookalike from LA. Tuck’s pack looks way better than the monstrosity that Cheryl lugged around. Although, I did learn that she’s carrying seven pairs of sox!

I am in camp early tonight, there is still three hours of daylight. I watch Carrot and Dolphin the Space Traveler perform sun salutations, I smoke cigarettes, listen to birds, and watch a coyote scavenge around the campground.

We sing ourselves to sleep with talk of the cosmos and what happens to us when we die. I like Carrot’s thought the best: we learn the secrets of the universe.



4 thoughts on “The Cheryl Strayeds

  1. ‘Wild’, the movie slated for release next December. ‘El Nino’, the snow-maker, coincides. Next summer will be ‘unique’.


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