Can I get a hot tub?!

Day 14 May 8
Bridge over Deep Creek to Cleghorn Picnic Area
30 miles

Night turned to day and everything was intact when I woke up. Just crickets and frogs, the Boogie Man’s on vacation.

I arrived to Deep Creek hot spring and had it pretty much all to myself except for old leathery Joe and his old dick. He inched closer and closer to me in one of the pools. ” How are your feet? Got any pain?” he asked. He wanted to find some sort of vulnerability. He squeezed my shin, “Does that hurt?”
Alright, too close. I got up and left. Fuckin Deep Creek. Fuckin dude.

I spent three hours there. My friends showed up and leathery old Joe dick kept his space.

And then I lassoed Guthrie and Tiny into doing some miles. These boys can hike!

That puts us only 13 miles away from McDonalds! We’ll have time for breakfast and lunch! Don’t judge.




2 thoughts on “Can I get a hot tub?!

  1. LOLOL (Don’t judge.) Well, when I’d spent a few months in China I was hitting’ “Mai Dong Lo” every week at least once a week. Not to mention Grandy’s, KFC and when in Peking, Pizza Hut!!


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