Miles Magic and a Squirrel

Day 10 May 4
Whitewater Creek to Big Bear Hostel Cache
33 miles

I was out for blood. I was out to prove to myself that I could hike a 30. I set my alarm for 5 am.

By 1 pm I had 19 in the bag, so I poked around Mission Creek for an hour. I watched hikers tinker with their gear and study their maps. I let a bee crawl around my leg. I admired the big trees and stretched out on a bed of pine needles.

To hike this kind of mileage I have to unhinge the tension in my body, discard negative thoughts, and focus on breathing with my gut. Walking becomes a meditation instead of a struggle. The PCT is conducive for this because the trail is easy to follow and graded for pack animals.

30 miles slipped away and I found myself beside the bear and lion cages. Oh the humanity! Oh my this is terrible! So I hiked on. Who wants to absorb all that fucked-up-ness?

I knew if I hiked three more miles I could have soda for dinner and possibly a couch to sleep on. So I hiked on with the setting sun. I passed sleepy hikers a mile before the cache. A fiendish smile crossed my face. “It’s all mine!” Mine mine mine mine

Was it a good idea? One moment I’m a queen. The next minute nothing.

A resident squirrel kept me up most of the night. It lived inside the couch.

Only 13 miles to Big Bear.


4 thoughts on “Miles Magic and a Squirrel

  1. I keep hearing about the cages. What kind of demented person keeps animals caged??

    Shoulda made friends of that squirrel by giving her some nuts and wishing her well!


  2. My daughter (Dust Bunny) had a pic taken of her sitting on that couch. She is probably 3 or 4 days behind you. You gals amaze me. I have to give the 50 year old lady credit for even attempting such a feat. Keep on truckin’.


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