Will hike for beer

Day 6 April 30
Mike’s to Paradise Cafe
26 miles


I’m ready for a blue collar night of beer drinking, so I leave Mike’s early.

This particular section of trail is uninspiring. But I am hydrated and my legs feel good, so I shift into a 3 mph pace.

Near Tule Spring I creep up behind a guy with a huge pack. When I pass him he says something about getting passed by a girl. Then he speeds up to match me and I slow down to talk to him. He’s a total junk show, his pack towers three feet over his head and things dangle and sway as he ambles about. I talk to him about his pack but it’s useless, he doesn’t seem motivated to change. He’s out of snacks so I leave him some pretzels at the water cache. “Hey!” he yells as I hasten my pace “They should call you speed racer!”

At the water cache I meet more hikers: Mac, a gentle Kiwi who wears huaraches. East coasters Dewy and Masshole, buddies from the AT. And Mama Bear, a sassy kinda girl who wears trucker hats.

At the Paradise Cafe I inhale a burger, two beers, and smoke two marlboros.

I think it’s time for a zero baby.


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