I get low

Day 8 May 2
Devil’s Slide Trail to Water Faucet
29 miles

Carrot, Twinkle Toes, McButter, Sheriff, and I left Idyllwild around 10. We became homies instantly, the trail has a way of doing this. Dirtbags fo life.

But the mile nazi emerged and I broke away. And then I missed them.

The sun set as I winded my way down the relentless switchbacks alone. My solitude became ever more apparent by the distant I-10 corridor; an endless stream of moving vehicles.

I was movin and shakin. And then I tripped and fell. One moment I’m a queen. The next minute nothing.

Around 10 pm I walked into a sleepy camp of hiker trash. A former hiker and trail angel named Tarzan welcomed me from his sleeping bag and said I could eat some veggies out of his cooler and sleep under the canopy.

For dinner I ate two cucumbers, a cup of peanut butter, and two corn tortillas.

As I fell asleep I wondered:
Who is this man next to me? Where are the others? What are regular people doing on this Friday night?


In this picture: Traveler, Dewy, Masshole, Mac, and Mt San Jacinto

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