Back to Julian

Day 3 April 27
Pioneer Mail to Scissors Crossing
25 miles

I feel haggard after another blustery night but motivated to push on. I awake and hurriedly shove things into my pack and set off with the rising sun. The other hikers don’t stir. I feel alone but not lonely.

The trail is cruiser, so I turn off any excess mental energy and let my body flow with the pulses of the trail.

I meet Ewok today. He’s carrying a hand drum that looks like a UFO. Then there’s Guthrie, a determined Texas gent. And Blue, a former AT hiker who seems perplexed by the desert.

I arrive to Scissors Crossing around 3:30, still enough time to hitch into Julian still enough time to hike on. I decide to hitch, I want to sleep in a bed.

I get a room at the Julian Lodge, just like in 09. I eat at Romano’s, at the same table, just like in 09. I am alone but not lonely.




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