Day One, 26 miles, Stop Hatin

Arrived to Boulder Oaks campground around 6 pm and had my first trashy dinner with a coupla hikers. Thank you to Ninja Tortoise who gave me a Nesbit tablet to heat water. I couldn’t find any HEET in San Diego, maybe I should check out the black market.

I started hiking from the Mex border around 7 am. Thank you Scout and Frodo once again! Arrived to Lake Morena around 1:30. Hugged Joe Anderson and slapped Terri’s beautiful ass. Found Tangent and Alice at their kiosk for the Guthook Hikes App and Pocket PCT. Tangent changed my trail name to Not Again! It’s been a challenge explaining to other hikers that this is my fourth time out here. When do I get to be like Billy Goat? No one asks him why anymore!

My pack weighed 17.7 lbs with food and water this morning. I carried only 3 liters of water. Some nosy AT hiker lambasted me, “You should be carrying 5 liters!” “Sweetheart,” I huffed, “this is my fourth time.” But haters be hatin!

And then this 3 liter gal walked 26 miles. Miles with smiles! Sorry that was cheesy.

I feel great, I feel awesome, I’m so happy I got out of kick off and am sleeping on a soft bed of leaves beneath a big tree. And there’s even a water spigot and shitter nearby. Life of luxury!

But wait! The wind is pickin up and the sky is churning and the critters have retreated to their holes and the hikers are tootin in their sleeping bags. And this hiker is on her iPhone talking in the 3rd person.

So goodnight!




6 thoughts on “Day One, 26 miles, Stop Hatin

  1. That’s more like it! A little sass in my morning. I guess you’re the most experienced thru hiker I’ve followed and expect I’ll learning a lot.


  2. Greetings from Bellingham. Glad to see that you’re strongly on your way. Thanks for keeping us posted!

    Have you run into Carrot out there on the trail?


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