Once upon a mountainy

Last year I didn’t thru-hike, so I picked up trail running to sate my desire to be in the mountains. But it hasn’t, I miss thru-hiking. Trail running is an excellent way to gain fitness and be outside, but at the end of the day you gotta go back to “normal” life. And I’m a mediocre runner. I’m built like a bull, like a Tonya Harding, like a venus de milo with a drinking problem.

On March 15 I’ll run a 50k in my local Chuckanut mountains, but all I can think about is the PCT. I hope all this trail running will help me transition back into long distance hiking so I can lay down some miles at the start.

On another note, I’ve really confused my family this time! They want me to get a “real” job and buy a car; they think people with cars are happy. You see audience, I’m almost 30. But all around me I watch people get fat and work too hard all their lives to afford nice things. It’s a sickness. But I don’t want things, I want experiences; woodsy mountainy experiences.


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