It feels like I’m going to prom and I don’t have a dress. I have only two weeks to decide on the One Outfit. You see audience, it’s very important that you choose wisely or else you’ll end up with a haz mat suit or worse “toddler” colored (as Carrot Quinn likes to say) run of the mill Columbia sportswear culdisac livin white middle class vanilla pudding Sunday driving Nantucket cottage gluten free eatin frumpy ass apparel. I wish I could bring my favorite sleeveless cobra snake shirt, but it’s black and made of cotton. Function and comfort trump style I suppose, I guess I’m not that much of a hipster.

Speaking of hipsters, do you remember Jr Sr? a character from 2012 “As the Trail Turns?” He wore a cotton t-shirt, black jeans, and a mustache! all the way from Campo to The Anderson’s. He was rippin 25+ miles with us in jeans! In the heat of the day! And he’d run too! Fuckin nuts! Yeah how were his nuts by the end?

Speaking of nuts…
Tonight I read a couple’s blog about how they think other thru-hikers choose to eat like shit and support big bad food industries with their dollar. But you aren’t gonna find organic food co-op brands like say at the Sierra City grocer! I wish I had the money to resupply with boxes full of co-op food but looks like I’ll have to eat Lays chips as well. Don’t give up eatin food out there, if you wanna eat the big industry pollutin bag of Oreos go for it. Whatever gets you to move forward up the trail. However, don’t forget to eat fruits and veggies as much as possible, without real food you’ll hit walls while hiking.


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