Spring in Death Valley

  The heat of the sun cuts through cold wind. Calm before the inferno. Lime green cottonwoods! Lime green grass sprouting out of brown rubble. Flowers and bees! Butterflies I'm creosote. Butterflies pulverized on fronts of expensive cars. Scorpions hiding behind doors to rooms that cost more than half the rent.      

Cottonwood Ridge

January, Death Valley, Cottonwood Mountains, Three Friends. The weather report for the valley says rain so that means snow in the mountains. I pack a fleece, down jacket, frog toggs, and gloves from Family Dollar. Good gloves cost a lot of money. The smell of toasted creosote. Wet desert. Visibility: dryer sheet. A winter wind … Continue reading Cottonwood Ridge


Mesquite Flat. Scotty's Castle Road. I've got my thumb out in a sand storm. Cant even see Stovepipe. Not much traffic. I've just come out of an unusual and beautiful remote canyon in the Grapevine Mountains called Titanothere, named after a feeble minded dinosaur, an ancestor of the modern day rhinoceros. Some guy found its … Continue reading Titanothere