Night Hike

Thirsty on account of a spring run dry Ain't got nobody to give me a swig Twenty miles from Stovepipe I'm standin here worried Trouble runnin through my mind Crickets, cattails, and cottonwoods but a spring run dry Though I see it runnin in my mind Turn around go on back Go on back


Mesquite Flat. Scotty's Castle Road. I've got my thumb out in a sand storm. Cant even see Stovepipe. Not much traffic. I've just come out of an unusual and beautiful remote canyon in the Grapevine Mountains called Titanothere, named after a feeble minded dinosaur, an ancestor of the modern day rhinoceros. Some guy found its … Continue reading Titanothere

Back to the desert!

"I can get you a ride in the laundry truck to the park" M says over the phone. I got a job in Death Valley--housekeeper. It seems I cannot spend a year away from the place. I bought the Michael Digonnet guide. I'll explore canyons on my days off! Looking forward to creosote and pinyon-juniper smells, … Continue reading Back to the desert!