Pacific Crest Trail. In a bar, Sierra City. 2010. 1 am. Barstools. On my left sit two twenty-something dude hikers. On my right a man pulls money out of his weathered leather wallet. He doesn't see a lot of women come through and desperate for a lay. Behind me are his two big cousins. I … Continue reading Barstools


I've turned into a burned teddy cholla. But not dead! Runs! Juices! Hikes! Dead in Bed! Then Runs bloody, swollen, burning, itchy, TOTALLY BATSHITSFDJKdfsjk. When I come out of this, TIME, JUICING, SLEEP, FORGETTING IT SOMEHOW, I will not be the same. I cannot think of hiking, it makes me cry. To be a prisoner … Continue reading TSW